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Your Child's Mental Health

​​It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 Ontario children under the age of 19 experiences a mental, emotional or behavioural disorder that is severe enough to seriously affect his or her daily functioning at home, school or in the community. The good news is that early diagnosis and treatment lead to better outcomes for children later in life.

Recognizing symptoms is key! Family awareness and early identification are often the first steps to effective treatment for children and youth with mental health disorders.

It's easy to recognize when a child has a fever. How to respond is well documented and medical help is readily available if the fever spikes. But a child's mental health is different. It can be difficult to distinguish between 'normal' problems that all children and adolescents experience from time to time, and behaviour that may be indicative of a mental health disorder.

"Talking About Mental Health" Series:

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Some Basic Facts:

* Mental health problems can seriously impair children's ability to be successful at school and in their relationships with their peers.

* These children are not bad kids nor are their parents bad parents.

* Treatment can assist in reducing symptoms but does not provide a cure - the child will still need understanding and support.

Making a Difference: An Educator's Guide to Child and Youth Mental Health Problems​​

Need More Information?

* Contact your child's teacher

* Speak to our CYW (Child and Youth Worker)

* Contact your family doctor

* Visit the Walk-In Clinic at CMHA

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