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Scholastic Book Fairs


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks to the support of our SMC community, St. Michael's Scholastic book fairs are consistently successful and highly anticipated. The Stinger's Library hosts two Scholastic book fairs each school year, during our September Family Open House​​ and May's Catholic Education Week. For each fair our school library earns up to 60% commission on items sold. Book fair commission is used to directly benefit students - through PRIZES, classroom library gifts to teachers, and by helping to keep our library full of interesting books.  ​

I​f you are interested in assisting with a book fair, ple​ase contact our Library Tech., [email protected]

The library is especially happy to invite former students to return to assist at our fairs.

​​​​​Check out some highlights and PICS from our previous Book Fairs! 

​Scholastic Website​

The Scholastic website has an abundance of activities and information regarding books and fostering a love of learning. There are options for parents and students as well as book trailers and guides. Check out the 'Books' section for the newest books.  Enjoy!​