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Mission and Development

Our school library provides resources that support the efforts of St. Michael's staff, students and families in creating an inclusive, strength and service driven community​. This mission is accomplished through:

  • providing access to a variety of print and​ electronic resources
  • library classes that promote literary appreciation, stimulate research ideas and develop assessment skills
  • ongoing collaboration with educators to determine suitable learning strategies that support the goals of Catholic education

Collection Development          

St. Michael's Catholic Elementary library, maintains a balanced collection reflective of classroom curriculums, student interests and recreational reading. The Library Technician collaborates with teachers and other educators to determine how best to support Catholic Education expectations. Teacher/student input and circulation statistics (provided by school's library catalog ) are consulted when purchasing materials. Currently, our library has more than 8400 items available. Resources are updated on an ongoing basis to keep pace with students' developing interests. 

In 2015, a large number of outdated/damaged items were removed from the resource center. This process of item removal ("weeding") is ongoing and necessary to maintain a current and appealing collection. Removing items allows space for more updated and relevant materials. St. Michael's library follows standard guidelines in deciding which materials to keep, or accept in the form of donations. The library may not retain the following:

  • items that are damaged or worn beyond repair
  • more than two copies of one title
  • items that are older than 10-15 years, content and appeal are out of date for students; some items may be retained at the Library Technician's discretion.
  • items with content, language or images unsuitable for Catholic Elementary education