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Borrowing items

All St. Michael's staff and students have the privilege to borrow library materials and access electronic resources. Loan limits may be extended at the discretion of the Library Technician and the student's teacher. If an item is recalled, it is expected that the item be returned within 2 days.

The privilege of checking out more than one item allows students to explore a variety of interests (fiction, non fiction, graphic novels, leisure, curriculum). Teachers may reduce student loan limits at their discretion. The loan limits for materials are as follows:

Grades JK - 2; may borrow 1 item for a period of 1 week

Grades 3 - 5; may borrow 2 items for a period of 2 weeks

Grades 6 - 8; may borrow 3 items for a period of 2 weeks

Materials may be renewed up to 3 times for 1 additional week. Patrons are required to bring their items into the library to be renewed.​

Summer Lending Program

Students entering grades 4-8 have the opportunity to borrow 5 books from our library over the summer months. Parental permission is required to participate in the Summer Lending Program. Please visit or email the Library Tech. for your summer reading booklet [email protected]

Lost / Damaged Items

The library provides an opportunity for students to learn value and responsibility. Users are responsible for informing the Library Technician that an item is lost or damaged.​ ​Every effort will be made to locate the item within the library before r​​equesting payment. At the discretion of the Library Technician, users may be required to replace irrevocably damaged items. The patron is responsible for either replacing the item OR providing the replacement cost of the item. The replacement amount is the cost of the item plus $1.00 for additional costs associated with reordering/cataloguing an item. Many of our items have reinforced library bindings. These are considerably more expensive than trade items and our costs are reflective of the copy item.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Can I read/borrow ANY books in the library?

Students are encouraged to read within their reading/maturity level. There are several guidelines to choosing a "just right" book. Class teachers and the Library Technician are there to assist students in selecting appropriate items. Students wishing to borrow materials that are outside of their class reading level are required to submit a parental consent form to the Library Technician. The form designates the types of materials students may read and is available in the library.

If I let my friend borrow the book and they lost it, do I still have to pay?

Yes! You are responsible for the items you borrowed.  

Can I borrow or return a book when it is not my class' library day?

Yes! You may return your books at any time (provided they are placed in the correct basket) and you may check out books during any break that the Library Technician is available in the library. Students require teacher permission to go to the library during break periods.

If I have paid for a lost book and it is returned, do I get a refund?

​Definitely! The library is​ very happy when books are found and money can be reimbursed.​

I would like to share a specific book with my child.  May caregivers borrow items from the library?

Absolutely! Please stop by the library to borrow an item OR use our online library to reserve an item that can be sent home with the student. You will need to login into the E-library/Insignia, using your child's school board username and password. Our library also has an on-site parenting library that caregivers may explore.

If you have any questions regarding our Circulation Policy or a lost item, please contact [email protected]